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Mesotherapy in detail – as an individual therapy and in addition to hair transplantation

We consider mesotherapy to be one of the cornerstone of our services at Reneva. In many cases, it is a more effective and gentler solution than the dermatological treatment so often used for intense hair loss, local steroid therapy. Here's why…

Protecting the donor area, covering the bald areas – the principle of taking enough but saving enough as well

After careful consideration, the "reshaping" of the donor area requires at least as much planning as the one to be implanted. Let's see what we do to ensure all this.

Does hair transplant last forever? What happens if the balding does not stop?

Yes, hair transplants last forever. But how is this possible, what factors should we consider when we are happy about this fact, and why does this make the process complicated in many cases?

All about eyebrow transplant

The intervention itself has been fine-tuned, and today it is possible to create even more natural-looking eyebrows with transplantations.

To Dos before and after hairtransplant

If one has decided to go through a hair transplantation, the question rightly arises: "how should one prepare for such a procedure, and what should be done after the intervention?".

Daily hair loss is natural, so when should it be treated?

To understand the process of hair loss, it is important to be aware of the healthy functioning of the hair follicle and the existence and course of the natural hair cycle.

What is a hair transplantation good for? Why only from your own hair? What techniques are there?

Hair transplantation is primarily used to correct hair loss caused by genetically coded hormonal effects.

Causes of hair loss, diagnosis

Hair loss is a common complaint and can be a manifestation of illnesses.